BIRTH ON THE BORDER: First screening!!

Really excited to share that my film, Birth on the Border, had its first screening on Jan. 14th in Oakland: 120 people showed up -- friends, family, midwives, people I'd never met -- all of whom brought their hearts and minds to bear on the film.

Together we also raised money for Luna Tierra Birth Center / Casa de partos , a new border birth center that is doing the visionary work of bilingual binational affordable birth care for all, free STD screening for sex workers, etc. etc.

I've been working on this project for a year and a half and am thrilled to send it out into the world, to see the life it will have. All my gratitude to the women who shared their stories with me. L and G in Juarez. Lina and Sandra in El Paso. And all the rest.

The film will be traveling to the border in the spring! Upcoming screenings will be posted to the FB page.

Birth on the Border Film Black and White Poster.jpg